Firearms Applicant Instructions

Please read the instructions in their entirety before completing the forms or issuing forms of payment. If you have any questions, please contact the Police Services Office at 609-654-7511 ext. 102.

Who must be fingerprinted?

  • All new applicants.
  • Applicants who were fingerprinted more than five years ago.
  • Applicants who are applying for a change of address on their Firearms Purchaser ID card who obtained the previous card from an agency other than Medford Township Police.

List of fees to be submitted with the applications.

$5.00   Initial Firearms Purchaser Identification Card (may be cash or personal check made out to Medford Township).  (No fee for a duplicate card)

$2.00   Per Permit to Purchase a Handgun (may be cash or personal check made out to Medford Township.)

$18.00  Only if you are submitting form SBI 212A (Yellow form) (Cashier’s check or money order made out to NJSP – SBI). 

The forms to be completed are as follows:

Form STS 033 - Application for Firearms Purchaser Identification card and/or Handgun Purchase Permit  (Complete 2 original forms ALL applicants.)

Form SP 66 - Consent for Mental Health Records Search  (Complete 2 original forms ALL applicants.)

Form SBI 212A - Request for Criminal History Record Information for a Noncriminal Justice Purpose (yellow form)  (ONLY applicants who previously obtained a firearms purchaser ID card and/or permit to purchase from the Medford Twp. Police Department and was fingerprinted for firearms within the last 5 years shall complete SBI 212A.

**DO NOT sign your forms until you are in the presence of Medford Police personnel.**

Completed forms may be turned in to the Police Services Office, Monday - Friday between the hours of 8:30 AM and 4:00 PM (except holidays).  You must bring photo identification.  If you already possess a Firearms ID card, you must bring that as well.  You will also need to bring 4 plain envelopes (size 10) with postage on each envelope.